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Tattoo Ticket


If you would like to get one of my images tattooed you may purchase a copy of the image.

ALL IMAGES are available for purchase, *not only the featured image*

The definition of the image that I will provide you with is higher than a screenshot, but not above 150dpi. This service is a way for you to support my art and design!

Once you have purchased the ticket please message me with to let me know which image you are interested in getting tattooed and I will email a copy of that image to you.

Having a higher definition copy of the image will help you to get an accurate depiction of the art work, which will also be of benefit to your tattoo artist, who may struggle to reproduce the image to a high standard.

If you would like a custom design please email me at info@ouvra.com or use the contact form.

Feel free to tag me on instagram @ouvra or email me images of your tattoo once it’s completed. ❤